"I don t feel like I deserve any of the attention," says the High School Musical star

Zac Efron is not letting mega-stardom go to his head – but the paparazzi sometimes get under his skin, he says in a new interview.

“It’s weird, I don’t feel like I deserve any of the attention,” the High School Musical star tells Details in its January/February issue. “There’s really nothing but one audition for a Disney Channel movie that separates me from 2,000 other brown-haired, blue-eyed guys in L.A., you know?”

But Efron, 20, says he is learning the lessons of fame quickly – especially where the paparazzi is concerned. His first run-in with having his photo snapped without his knowledge happened while he was vacationing with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in Hawaii.

“I had no idea that anyone could ever care [what I was doing,]” said Efron. “That happens to, like, big stars. I woke up and my dad told me that I was in a newspaper on the beach – he made fun of me, he said I was ‘frolicking.’ ”

As for how he handles rumors about his private life – and questions about his sexual orientation – that crop up in tabloids and on Web sites like PerezHilton.com, Efron is already handling it like a pro. “Honestly, if the worst he can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle it,” he tells the magazine.