Efron and his girlfriend, Sami Miro, visited the Japenese capital, Tokyo, as well as Kyoto
Credit: Source: Instagram

Konnichiwa, Zac Efron‘s fantastic new facial hair.

The actor is sporting a serious mustache on vacation in Japan with girlfriend Sami Miro, as evidenced by social media.

Efron, who has been abroad with Miro since last week, debuted the new look while in Kyoto, the one-time capital of Japan.

In a series of photos shared on Instagram, the star explored what looked like a traditional Japanese wooden house – one of many in Kyoto, which is also home to many classical Buddhist temples.

The star’s mustache took center stage in one photo, where he flashed the peace sign. Efron accompanied the image with a Japanese flag emojii, followed by the characters for “I Love You.”

Miro joined him in another photo, where the couple sat in a yoga resting pose in the home they were visiting.

Efron also leaned nonchalantly against one of the home’s beams, a photo he captioned “whats up,” again, with traditional Japanese lettering.

Zac Efron’s Changing Looks!

Earlier in the week, Efron and Miro spent time in the country’s current capital city, Tokyo.

“When you figure out how to use the subway in Tokyo,” Efron wrote on the photo sharing site alongside an image of himself jumping in the air with a paper mask covering his mouth.

Efron was still sporting a full beard at this leg of the trip.

“Japan. Peace, love and happiness my friends. Thank you,” he wrote on another picture.

The pair also stopped by Sukiyabashi Jiro, the famed sushi restaurant featured in 2011 critically acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

The vacation isn’t the first time Miro and Efron have traveled together. The jet-setters, who celebrated their first anniversary in September, embarked on a European getaway shortly after beginning their romance.