Zac Efron and His Brother Dylan Undergo Rigorous (and Hilarious!) Interview for Jobs as Columbia Sportswear 'Gear Testers'

Efron and his brother are grilled by 93-year-old Columbia Sportswear chairwoman Gert Boyle in a new video interview

Even Zac Efron doesn't get a free pass when it comes to job interviews.

The Baywatch actor, 29, and his brother Dylan are teaming up with Columbia Sportswear, and in a hilarious spot announcing the partnership, the duo are put through the ringer by the brand's 93-year-old chairwoman, Gert Boyle, for jobs as "gear testers."

"So what are your qualifications?" an unimpressed Boyle asks Zac, who hands over a stack of autographed head shots. "I didn't recognize you without your shirt on."

"I'm not always shirtless," says Zac. "I do wear shirts. Often. Every day, in fact. I would love to wear your tested tough shirts. That's why we're here."

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While Zac struggles in the interview, Dylan, 25, easily wins over Boyle. "I race endurance sports. I qualified for the Boston marathon and finished two [Iron Man triathlons]," says the younger Efron, whose resume gets a heart-shaped stamp of approval from Boyle.

"I do all my own stunts!" says a defensive Zac. Shoots back Boyle: "Taking your shirt off is a stunt?"

Luckily, both boys land the job, though Dylan seems to be the favorite at home too. After phoning their mom to share the news, Dylan quickly takes over the phone for one final jab at his older brother: "Hey mom, we got the job. Zac's wearing a shirt in this one. You'll be proud!"

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