Three YouTubers Will Be Interviewing President Obama on Friday – What Makes Them Fit for the Job?

Adande Thorne, Ingrid Nilsen and Destin Sandlin are set to ask the President a range of questions on Friday

Photo: Clockwise: Jason Kempin/Getty; Jennifer Lourie/Getty; Smarter Every Day/YouTube

Three of YouTube’s most influential vloggers are going to the White House!

It was recently announced that Adande Thorne (of sWooZie), Ingrid Nilsen (of missglamorazzi) and Destin Sandlin (of SmarterEveryday) will be interviewing President Obama on Friday, a few days after his State of the Union address on Tuesday, in an attempt to garner increased attention from millennials.

Together, the three have a combined 12.1 million subscribers – notably more than The White House’s YouTube following, which caps off at 634,000.

So, what makes them fit to interview the Commander-in-Chief? Aside from racking up record views on their videos, the YouTubers each offer up unique qualities and experiences that are bound to make for an interesting conversation. Keep scrolling to find out what makes them perfect for the task at hand:

Adande Thorne

Also known as: sWooZie
What sets him apart? Not only is he hilarious and charismatic, but Thorne also has a pretty important fan. “Apparently Obama binge-watches my videos,” he says in his most recent vlog. Known for his outrageous and “1000 percent true” stories that he shares on his YouTube channel with the help of animation, the Trinidadian star will most likely deliver an entertaining interview. How are we so sure? Like many of us, he’s also curious about the President’s favorite Kardashian (come on, you know you are too).

Ingrid Nilsen

Also known as: missglamorazzi
What sets her apart? Nilsen is a force to be reckoned with, having seamlessly transitioned from beauty vlogger to lifestyle reviews to interviewer with her unforgettable Q&As with fellow vloggers Hannah Hart, Cassey Ho and Grace Helbig, among others. She’s also incredibly candid and open about personal topics, having come out as gay on her channel in June. Plus, she knows the tremendous amount of responsibility that is attached to the honor of being able to have a one-on-one with the President: “There are things from women’s issues that I want to talk about to LGBT issues to healthcare to unemployment,” she says in a video about the presidential event. “Essentially we’re going to be representing team Internet, and that is such a huge honor.”

Destin Sandlin

Also known as: SmarterEveryday
What sets him apart? Sandlin is an engineer IRL and his videos are proof of his expertise. Not only is Smarter Everyday educational, but Sandlin makes it fun and easily digestible. So, what makes him a great choice? The vlogger has expressed interest in – no surprise here! – science, so we’ll be sure to expect questions about the environment as well as fun, personal inquiries for the POTUS.

YouTubers also participated in the Presidential Q&A last year; Bethany Mota, GloZell and Hank Green went to D.C. for an intimate conversation with the POTUS.

Catch the interviews on YouTube on Friday at 2 p.m. EST.

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