The Cute Girls Hairstyles creator also talked about vlogging with her family
Credit: Instagram

Mindy McKnight, mom of six and the vlogger behind the popular YouTube channel “Cute Girls Hairstyles,” has spoken out about the need for women to support each other in the digital sphere.

“It’s definitely a conversation that needs to be had,” McKnight said at the VidCon 2016 panel, “Underneath it All.”

“Girls need to be supportive of each other and we need to … have each other’s backs, as opposed to be the ones tearing each other down.”

As for how her family handles negative comments online, she says the digital filter helps.

“It will take the comment out of the section,” she says. “That includes any racial slurs or vulgarities. We just try to create a really positive space.”

As a mom who posts videos of and alongside her children, she also says that she’s also definitely aware of the content they put out, and tries to make sure it’s always family friendly.

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“I want people to have peace of mind knowing that our channel is a safe place,” she said. “For my girls, what we try to portray is that it’s just really cool to do you. It’s YouTube, not MeTube. Do you. Whatever that you looks like.”