Because life as a single twentysomething girl is the hardest thing since college calculus

By Grace Gavilanes
August 03, 2015 05:40 PM
Courtesy Reasons I Don't Have a Boyfriend

Dating as a twentysomething girl can be downright frustrating.

It’s a vicious cycle: out-there hypotheticals (“He loves to aimlessly walk around Target on Wednesday nights? Planning our summer wedding right now“) and a slew of introspective questions (“How many exclamation points are too many exclamation points?!!”) begin to flood one’s mind, causing a mini breakdown over breakfast that can only be suppressed by a half-hour sesh of Candy Crush and several rounds of the Drake-inspired “Runnin’ Through the 6” app. Refresh, swipe right and repeat.

While the search for Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now; we’re not picky) is daunting, knowing that your Taylor Swift-level squad has your back makes the perils of online dating, vague texts and awkward meet-ups all the more bearable.

And now, thanks to new web series Reasons I Don’t Have a Boyfriend, we can add fierce lady duo Caitlin Harris and Molly McQueen, the show’s creators and stars, to our list of BFFs we’d love to hang with. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, eat your hearts out.

Each episode is under four minutes and highlights a reason (“too competitive,” “thirsty,” “can’t hang”) why the “heightened on-screen versions” of Harris and McQueen don’t have boyfriends. It’s hilarious and relatable, as proven from the comments their episodes have garnered since the show’s July debut.

“The craziest part has been getting emails from girls all around the world relaying their own experiences with guys,” McQueen tells PEOPLE, “and how excited they are that they finally found a show that captures what they’re actually going through.”

“People message us saying how they relate to the series or how they just got dumped, and this cheered them up and made them laugh,” adds Harris. “I’m all about girl power.”

Even Hilary Duff posted about the show on her Instagram, calling it “Funny sh–!” and revealing what all single girls in the dating game have been saying for years: “the struggle is real!”

Think of Reasons Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend as a guide on what not to do when it comes to dating, how to embrace self-authenticity, and of course, an homage to the most important relationship in any girl’s life: the one she shares with her BFF.

As for the key to a really great friendship, it all comes down to two things, says McQueen.

“Knowing they’ll love you no matter what. They’ll kick a guy out of their bed in two seconds to cuddle with you after a bad date,” she says. “Oh, and laughing. Laughing is the key to everything.”