The YouTube stars even got Miranda's red lipstick on-point

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated August 27, 2015 12:00 PM

For the 18th episode of his AUGUEST 2015 series, Tyler Oakley invited fellow YouTuber Bethany Mota to take on a very, very important mission: a makeover.

This is the first time the Internet stars have collaborated on a project together.

When discussing their favorite vloggers, the pair immediately thought of Miranda Sings – Colleen Evans’ online alter ego – praising the star’s LOL-worthy dance moves and unfiltered speeches. (We agree – so on-point.)

“My inspiration in life is to become Miranda some day,” Oakley says in his video. “I feel like there’s only one person who can properly teach us how.”

The duo then proceeded to call up Miranda for advice on how they should go about their on-camera transformation.

In true Miranda fashion, the YouTube star reveals that, well, this isn’t going to be easy.

“My first tip is that you can never be me because there can only be one chosen one,” she tells Mota and Oakley. She goes on to advise the duo that “nice, long brown hair” and conservative clothing are necessities. “No porn, Bethany!”

What followed was three minutes of the pair showing off their long-sleeved shirts (“You don’t want to be porn,” echoes Oakley) and red elastic pants – Miranda’s go-to outfit – with Oakley donning a long wig.

Mota and Oakley completed their new looks with Miranda’s signature red lipstick. To put their new looks and Miranda impressions to the test, the pair decided to call up the YouTuber’s “no. 1 bae,” vlogger Ricky Dillon.

Did he buy the act? Watch the video above to find out.