Sam Rader says the family needs some alone time following a month filled with controversy

By Maria Coder
Updated August 25, 2015 10:50 PM

Christian vloggers Sam and Nia Rader are taking a break from their YouTube series following fallout over an incident at Vlogger Fair in Seattle over the weekend.

It was the latest in a month of news-making moments that saw the couple rocketed to worldwide fame after Sam surprised his wife in a video by telling her that she was pregnant, only for her to suffer a miscarriage shortly afterwards. They ended up in the headlines again last week, when Sam admitted that he had signed up for an Ashley Madison account.

In their latest vlog, posted Tuesday evening, Sam addresses the altercation at the Vlogger Fair convention, and again denies threatening anyone. He says he just approached two vloggers who he felt ridiculed the way his family was mourning their recent miscarriage. While one took it well, the other, he says, escalated things. “He got in my face and put his chest against mine and said, ‘Are you trying to start something?’ over and over and over,” Sam previously told PEOPLE.

The latest installment of Sam and Nia takes viewers behind the scenes as the Raders prepare for the conference and then shows some of the fair itself – though not too much, as the pair were asked to leave.

As the “Why We Were Kicked Out of Vlogger Fair” episode continues, Sam reveals Nia is mad about the whole thing. She can be seen walking city streets, nearly half a block behind her husband, head down, consumed by her phone, show credentials still around her neck.

“I hope you guys can accept this apology and maybe understand where I’m coming from, I was hurt, we were all hurt by that,” Sam says. The couple feel they were bullied by fellow family vloggers.

Later he goes on to talk about the stress of their tumultuous month.

“Today has been one of the hardest days of me and Nia’s life – by far – especially for Nia,” admits Sam. “Just so much going on with us right now.” Sam also says the vlog isn’t feasible at the moment and that the couple needs a small break “to spend time with each other, focus on what’s important to us.”

It’s unclear how much time the couple will take to regroup. Initially Sam says it’s one week, then he restates it as three to five days, maybe less, or possibly more.

“But we’ll be back,” he promises. “We’ll be as strong as ever.”