“I would rather get cancer than listen to another Trevor Moran song.”

In a new anti-bullying campaign video promoting the I Am a Witness movement, YouTube’s biggest stars read some of the hateful, abusive comments that online trolls leave on their videos.

“Grace has some pretty stellar arms – like, Serena Williams good – but her face is pretty disgusting,” Grace Helbig read from a card. “Why is Grace’s head so big? It probably has nothing to do with how smart she is and everything to do with how bloated she is.”

The stars came together to show that they refuse to let online bullying happen without taking a stand to stop it.

“These really stopped being funny a long time ago,” anti-bullying activist and YouTube star Lizzie Velésquez said of the mean comments that affect everyone, whether you’re a super famous internet star or just a regular person with a Facebook account. “It’s okay that you sound different than everyone else. That’s what makes you so special.”

“We will no longer be the silent majority,” they all say. “Now when you see online bullying, theres something you can do about it.”

The new I Am a Witness campaign encourages those who see online bullying to take action by responding with the new “eye emoji.”

“I am a witness, and so are you.”