YouTube Star Emma Chamberlain's Podcast Hits No. 1 in 50 Countries — All About the Latest Episode

In the latest episode of her new podcast, Emma Chamberlain answers a common question about our canine pals

Photo: Courtesy Emma Chamberlain

No question is too silly for social media star Emma Chamberlain.

In her new Ramble podcast Stupid Genius, Chamberlain — who has more than 15 million followers on social media — answers questions everyone has probably had before but never took the time to fully investigate. (For her inaugural episode, Chamberlain discussed why onions make people cry.)

Her latest episode delves into reasons she believes dogs lick humans. “I’ve always had a special connection to dogs and I love their affection unless they’re kissing me in the face because I already have acne and that’s from my hormones,” the star says unabashedly on the podcast. “The last thing I need is acne from bacteria in a dog’s mouth!”

Courtesy Emma Chamberlain

Throughout the 30-minute episode, Chamberlain comes up with several hypotheses, ranging from dogs being hungry to simply wanting to show their affection. “They love a lot of stuff. They love peanut butter, they love food, they love their owner, they love belly rubs … I know when I love something or someone, I want them to know,” she says. “Dogs want people to know that they love them!”

Last year, Forbes praised the 17 year old, saying she has “stats that any creator would kill for.”

According to the outlet, Chamberlain was getting “approximately 15,000 likes per Instagram post” when she first started her YouTube channel. Now, she’s “averaging 1.5 million.”

“My family wasn’t shocked by my success, but I was. But they just knew I’d do something in entertainment. When I was younger I had a gut feeling that I was going to use my personality in some way, but I didn’t know how,” she told Forbes. “But I always had an outgoing personality. That was the one thing that I was known for.”

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