The 22-year-old model discovered last year that she has two completely separate vaginal cavities

April 30, 2015 09:10 PM

YouTube star Cassandra Bankson learned some surprising news at a doctor’s appointment last year.

The 22-year-old model, who creates make-up tutorials for her millions of fans on YouTube, was told that she has two vaginas, two wombs, and two cervixes after going to her doctor about an ongoing case of kidney pain.

“When we got the test results back, the doctor said I only had one kidney and flippantly added that I have two vaginas – as she suspected,” the model told Barcroft TV in an interview posted on Thursday.

The condition, known as uterus didelphys, causes “a complete separation [of the vagina] into two different cavities,” she explains, adding that the doctor told her it resembles “an upside nose.”

While the diagnosis came as a complete surprise – she joked to her mother, “I guess I’m twice the woman I thought I was” – it did help Bankson understand some ongoing issues.

“Ever since I was younger, even without knowing about this condition, I’ve gone to the doctor because I was bleeding for 23-28 days and I would have two periods a month,” she explains.

“Or I would have crippling cramps, I couldn t move – or my bowels would just not want to behave because the cramps were so bad and mood swings.”

As for how uterus didelphys can affect one’s sex life, Bankson says, “for some people having two vaginas can make it very painful – for others I assume there are more nerve endings so it could be more pleasurable.”

“A lot of women don t even know they have this condition and find out when they’re pregnant,” Bankson’s physician, Dr. Harris, explains. “So it’s possible it won’t even bother her in a sexual way. There’s a possibility there could be some issues getting pregnant but those can be dealt with.”

But for now, the young model – who revealed her diagnosis to her followers in a YouTube video last July – says she’s not interested in getting pregnant, and if she ever does, she says, “hopefully I’ll be able to have them naturally as opposed to in-vitro.”

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