Courtesy Josh Fairbanks
July 22, 2015 06:00 PM

After taking a stand against cyberbullying with his moving YouTube video earlier this month, Logan Fairbanks has received an outstanding number of messages from people all over the world.

Among the individuals who reached out to Logan, 11, and dad Josh (who stars alongside his son in their joint YouTube channel): Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama, who invited the father-son duo to the White House.

“We first saw the Tweet right as it happened, and both lost our minds,” Fairbanks previously told PEOPLE. “We couldn’t believe it reached that far.”

Logan, joined by his mom, dad and baby brother, traveled to D.C. to meet Jarrett at the White House on Tuesday. What followed, according to Fairbanks, was a profoundly memorable day that left the family feeling inspired and humbled.

Courtesy Josh Fairbanks

At one point, while visiting the Oval Office, Jarrett asked Logan if he wanted to sit at the president’s desk. Though incredulous, Logan jumped at the opportunity.

“It was cool that I got to sit in the same chair as the person who has the most power in the entire world,” says Logan.

Courtesy Josh Fairbanks

Although he wasn’t able to meet Obama in person, Vice President Joe Biden reached out to Logan on Twitter following the family’s visit.

“Together, we hope this trip is just the start of the good we can help cause in this world,” Fairbanks says. “With all of the darkness, the light of one 11-year-old can shine bright.”

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