We're getting some major Step Up vibes

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated February 08, 2016 09:00 AM
Credit: Awesomeness Films

Camp is about to get a whole lot more fun.

On Feb. 10, YouTube Red – in collaboration with Awesomeness Films – will premiere its debut film, Dance Camp, starring famed YouTuber Meg DeAngelis, Viner Jake Paul and Nadji Jeter, who appeared in Grown Ups and most recently, The 5th Wave.

The film follows Hunter (Jeter), whose mother ships him off to dance camp because of his reckless behavior. While he doesn’t immediately take the camp seriously, Hunter soon finds himself teaming up with the fellow campers to take down a rival dance group – all while snagging a love interest (DeAngelis) in the process.

“I started dancing back in Atlanta, so it was great to work on a film that involved dancing,” Jeter tells PEOPLE of why he was drawn to the project. “I was kind of rusty at first because I hadn’t danced in a while, but just getting back to the routines and exercise was awesome.”

Much like Step Up, Camp Rock and High School Musical, Dance Camp is packed with impressive choreography, but Jeter stresses this film is different and much more in tune with the current state of entertainment.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a dance movie that includes all the different styles, from hip-hop to jazz and ballet,” he says. “This movie is definitely for the youth today. It’s relevant as far as incorporating dance styles that we are seeing now and with [the characters using] social media.”

PEOPLE scored an exclusive sneak peek at Dance Camp. Click the video below to watch a clip from the film.

Dance Camp will premiere on YouTube Red on Feb. 10 and will become available for digital download on March 25.