May 18, 2005 02:00 PM

Desperate Housewives actor Cody Kasch, who plays Zach Young on the ABC Sunday-night hit, was arrested Tuesday at around 11:15 p.m. for allegedly smoking a joint outside a bar on New York’s Lower East Side, police tell the New York Post.

Kasch, 18, who plays a troubled teen on the drama, was observed by plainclothes narcotics officials smoking on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue, reports the Post.

Kasch, who has a Queens address, was charged with fifth-degree drug possession, given a ticket and released.

He is due to return to court on June 20, according to The New York Times, which quotes his manager, Scott Bankston, as saying his client is innocent, the arrest was a mistake and Kasch will be cleared.

“He was with a group of kids and one of them was smoking pot, or was about to smoke a joint, when an undercover police officer arrested all of them,” Bankston tells the paper, adding: “He’s very upset about all this.”

According to his official Desperate Housewives bio, Kasch – whose brothers Max and Dylan are also actors – entered the profession “at a young age” through local community theater. That eventually led to commercial work, and now, his role on the ABC series.

Before Housewives, Kasch appeared on ER, Nash Bridges, Any Day Now, Boston Public and NYPD Blue.

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