Zianna Oliphant, 9, gave a tearful statement on police brutality and racism.

By Alexia Fernández
Updated September 27, 2016 11:20 PM
Credit: David T. Foster III/The Charlotte Observer via AP

A young girl broke down in tears before the Charlotte City Council on Monday night as she scolded city leadership.

Zianna Oliphant, 9, gave a tearful statement on police brutality and racism.

“I’m here today to talk about how I feel,” she began. “I feel that we are treated differently than other people and I don’t like how we’re treated.”

“Don’t stop, do not stop!” someone from the crowd shouted as Oliphant broke down in tears on the podium.

“We are black people and we shouldn’t have to feel like this, we shouldn’t have to protest but y’all are treating us wrong,” she continued, with supportive cheers from the crowd. “We do this because we need to and we have rights.”

Her words come after several days of violent and peaceful protests wracked Charlotte, North Carolina.

African-Americans in the community called for changes after police fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott last week.

Protesters chanted “No justice, no peace” and demanded the resignations of Police Chief Kerr Putney and Mayor Jennifer Roberts, according to USA Today.

More than 50 people expressed their anger at the podium, including Oliphant and her brother, Marquis.

“I was kind of emotional, because, like, the things that I said is like powerful to me. So that’s why I started crying,” Zianna told NBC News on Tuesday.

Last week, President Barack Obama urged for a “peaceful” approach to police reforms.

“I think it’s important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of African-Americans about shootings of people and the sense that justice is not always color blind,” he said.

“The way we change the system requires to be able to reach out and engage the broader American community,” he continued. “That requires being peaceful, that requires being thoughtful about what are the specific reforms you’re looking for.”