The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star won't return next season due to her health crisis

By Michele Corriston
Updated September 03, 2015 04:50 PM
Credit: Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster isn’t giving up on her fight against Lyme disease.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who won’t return next season due to her health crisis, is undergoing neurofeedback training to treat her condition.

The former model posted an upbeat selfie with her head all wired up Thursday.

“Time to get that brain back in gear……….. #NeuroFeedBack #LymeBrain #LymeDiseaseAwereness,” she captioned the Instagram.

Foster, 51, has been open about her journey ever since being diagnosed with Lyme in 2012.

“I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV, because I can’t process information or any stimulation for that matter,” she wrote in a blog post in January. “It feels like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it.”

But there’s still hope: Neurofeedback involves monitoring and then training the central nervous system and brain activity using sensors on someone’s scalp, according to the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research. It has proven effective in treating ADHD and epilepsy and, though studies are still being conducted, could possibly improve cognitive functioning in advanced Lyme disease patients.