Yolanda Foster, who's still battling Lyme disease, stopped for a selfie during her Friday workout at the gym
Credit: Courtesy Yolanda Foster

Nothing can hold Yolanda Foster down.

Just three weeks following the removal of her fake breasts after one of the silicone implants ruptured, the reality star was back at the gym on Friday.

Foster, who’s also been publicly battling Lyme disease since 2012, looked fresh-faced and healthy in her fitness selfie, shared to Instagram.

“I think I am seeing the light,” the 51-year-old mom of Gigi, 20, Bella, 18, and Anwar Hadid, 16, wrote.

In the picture, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star flashes the peace sign as she hits the treadmill.

“#OneDayAtATime #BeautyBehindTheMadness #3WeeksPostExplant #MyHealthJourney,” she added.

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Foster identified the silicone leak as another potential factor in her health crisis in early August. In another Instagram image, she showed off the three areas along her chest where her physician found silicone that had leaked out after her implants.

“We might have hit the jackpot by finding all this silicone from a 20 year old implant rupture through ultrasound mapping as shown in this selfie. Thank you Dr.Feng for holding my hand and leading the way,” she wrote.

In the years since being diagnosed with Lyme, Foster has found her everyday functionality tested – including her ability to read and write.

The former model has actively documented her health journey, and remained largely positive, however. She even started a social media campaign called the #LymeDiseaseChallenge, challenging friends to share images of them sucking on limes to raise awareness.