By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 11, 2002 01:00 PM

Yoko Ono paid tribute to 9/11 Tuesday on MTV when she pleaded for the world to “Give Peace a Chance.” The message coincided with the cable music channel’s premiere of a short film by Ono to mark the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Reuters reports that the widow of late Beatle John Lennon (who was gunned down outside the couple’s New York apartment building in 1980) expressed in a statement: “Let’s create peace, unity and light. I think John’s words are needed just as much now as when they were written — ‘Imagine all the people living in peace’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance.”‘

The film, which features Ono, 69, begins with a journey down a dark corridor to a door with light pouring through. Ono greets the viewers and escorts them up a ladder to read the words “Give Peace a Chance” written on the ceiling.

“Like all of us, I’d like to see the human race survive, living in health and in love with each other,” she said.