The New Age musician is taken into custody after an altercation with his girlfriend

New Age musician Yanni was taken into custody by authorities at his Florida home following an alleged domestic dispute Friday, the Associated Press reports.

Yanni, whose full name is John Yanni Christopher, was arrested at his home in Manalapan, Fla., after an altercation with his girlfriend, Silvia Barthes.

According to the police report, Yanni, 51, asked Barthes, 33, to leave his home Thursday night. When she tried to pack her clothes, a scuffle ensued.

The musician threw Barthes’s clothes on the ground and, according to the report, he grabbed her arms, shook her, and threw her on the bed and jumped on top of her. Yanni told officers that Barthes kicked him and injured his finger during the encounter.

In a statement released by his manager, Yanni called the charges “cruel” and “without merit.” “At a more appropriate time and place, I hope and pray I will have an opportunity to address my fans and colleagues all over the world,” the statement read.

The keyboardist, who was born in Greece, faces a charge of domestic battery, according to the police report.