Tyrone Kerr/FilmMagic; G-Hollywood / Splash News
October 20, 2007 05:00 PM

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter may be taking a well-timed vacation from the New York tabloid headlines about his departing manager Joe Torre.

The superstar, normally a club fixture on the East Coast, has been taking L.A. by storm – hitting the Hollywood hot spots two nights in a row. On Thursday, as Torre was turning down Yankees owner George Steinbrenner’s one-year contract offer, Jeter stepped out at the new lounge Green Door in Hollywood with a bunch of pals.

Then Friday, Jeter was at it again, surrounded by a bevy of beauties at Les Deux in Hollywood. Along with a guy friend and the club promoter, Jeter took over a massive outdoor table in the club’s patio area and it wasn’t long before the table was completely surrounded with women. A clubgoer tells PEOPLE, “Jeter just enjoyed the attention with his buddy and left in peace at closing time.”

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