Y2K? A-OK!

Fears about the end of the world (or at least a little bit of mayhem) were quelled when the year 2000 arrived with a lot of fanfare and little fright. An estimated 175 million tuned into ABC’s around-the-clock coverage, while over at NBC, Katie Couric was heard saying, “This is really boring . . . Boring is good in these circumstances.” Countdowns to the year 2000 seemed to go without hitches, there seem to be no Y2K glitches. “Somebody said we did it too well, we made it look too easy,” John Koskinen, the top Y2K advisor to President Clinton, told the Associated Press on Sunday. “Maybe that’s right. Maybe we should have had a control group over here failing.” But the world’s collective sigh of relief may be premature, according to Microsoft titan Bill Gates, who told Larry King he still expects “a lot of snafus.” Already there have been minor glitches. The Associated Press reports that an upstate New York man was told his late fee for returning a video would be $91,250.

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