X-Rated Paris Tape Goes to Home Video

Paris Hilton's ex-beau, Rick Salomon, reportedly strikes a deal to add footage to the notorious sex tape and sell it in stores June 15.

Paris Hilton’s notorious sex tape, so widely circulated on the Internet, is now coming to home video on June 15.

The Los Angeles-based Red Light District Video, whose product is precisely what it sounds like, has announced it has acquired rights from Rick Salomon, Hilton’s ex-boyfriend and costar in the X-rated video, to distribute the full 45-minute version, which will be called One Night in Paris, Reuters reports.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In February, Salomon had a 38-minute version of the tape running on his personal Web site, accessible for $50.

The extra minutes are said to contain footage of Hilton “partying in a nightclub,” according to Red Light. The sex tape reportedly was shot in May 2001.

Hotel heiress and Simple Life star Hilton, 23, whose notoriety from the tape helped propel the ratings success of that FOX reality show, has sued a Panama-based Internet firm for $30 million, claiming the company violated her privacy and engaged in illegal business practices by distributing the video, which she “intended only for personal use.”

There was no immediate comment from Hilton’s press or legal reps in Los Angeles or New York about the plan to take the video public.

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