The singer – who has been a size 10 , 14 and 18 – talks about her body-image struggles

Country singer Wynonna Judd, who has long battled with her weight, says she no longer lives and dies by the scale.

“I think that women finally are accepting the fact that they’re not going to fit into a size 12,” Judd, 44, tells The Insider in a clip on their Web site. “Most women are at least a 14 and over. And I’ve been a size 10. I’ve been a size 14. I’ve been a size 18.” But, she realized, “it’s not about that … No matter what size I was … I still had [other] issues.”

Judd – who is speaking out as part of National Eating Disorders Week and its Embrace You Jeans campaign – also opens up about how her lifelong struggle with weight and depression.

Thanks to years of disordered eating, she said, she was on her way to a “slow suicide” before she finally sought help in 2006, spending 42 days at the Shades of Hope facility in Texas.

“Unfortunately in my 20s and 30s, I spent so much time trying to just be loved and accepted,” Judd said. “I spent a lot of time reacting to the pressures of the world. I think when you hit 40, you go, ‘You know what? I’m not gonna do that to myself anymore.’ “