April 10, 1998 12:00 AM

Joining the competition between Pepsi’s Britney Spears and Coke’s Christina Aguilera in the TV commercial sweepstakes will be Haitian-born rap artist and guitarist Wyclef Jean, 31, who has signed on with Pepsi for his first-ever ad campaign, reports Rolling Stone on its Web site. While the women woo the teen market, Jean is set to win over urban youth cola drinkers. Details between Jean and the No. 2 soft-drink giant were not disclosed. Jean will apparently appear in two TV spots. The first is due to premiere April 16 and will show him joining other musicians on a beach in Rio. His closing words are, “Joy of Pepsi, y’all.” The other, showing him in a recording studio, is set to air starting in June. Simultaneous radio and print campaigns are also slated to run, and Pepsi has reportedly agreed to sponsor Jean’s 2001 concert tour.

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