Wu Tang Rapper Arrested, Again

Wu-Tang Clan rap singer Old Dirty Bastard was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after a shoot-out with law officers in Brooklyn, police said. ODB, whose real name is Russell Jones, and another man were driving in a truck Friday evening with either one or both headlights out, said Detective Joseph Pentangelo. After a patrol car stopped the truck, the two men got out and began firing at the officers, said Pentangelo. (An attorney for ODB denies the claim.) Police returned fire, and no injuries were reported. Jones, 29, was arrested at the scene. The second man, whose name was not immediately available, was arrested after a chase, said police. Both were charged with attempted murder of police officers.

  • This is the fourth arrest for Jones since July. In November he was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his former girlfriend. Jones also allegedly threatened to kill security officers last September at a blues club in West Hollywood. In July he was arrested on a charge that he shoplifted a pair of shoes in Virginia. At the Grammy awards last year, Jones, apparently angry at not having won in the best rap album category, jumped on-stage uninvited, grabbed a microphone and complained that he had spent a lot of money for new clothes, because he thought he was going to win.
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