Writers May Enter Talks to End Strike

The WGA is being urged to sit down with studio chiefs

Photo: Ezio Petersen/Landov

With the Oscars and Grammys fast approaching, striking writers could return to the bargaining table, the Associated Press reports.

A development in the Writers Guild negotiations happened Friday, a source told AP, when the Directors Guild reached a tentative contract agreement with producers. WGA members are being urged by studios to join informal talks with studio chiefs.

The directors’ deal is similar to what the writers are seeking, involving pay for movie and TV content that is purchased over the Internet.

In a joint Thursday, top executives from eight major companies, including Fox, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Co., CBS Corp., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., MGM and NBC Universal asked the Writers Guild to join informal talks, much like the ones that preceded the directors’ agreement.

“I think the DGA deal is good. Very good. For writers, for directors, for the future,” writer-producer John Wells, of ER and The West Wing, wrote in a letter posted online.

The Golden Globes’ lavish ceremony was canceled last weekend, when the WGA could not make a deal. Hollywood is in the middle of awards season, and many top award shows are still up in the air.

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