Elizabeth Hurley looks amazing on vacation in tiny bikini
Credit: Courtesy Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley has said she doesn’t worry about aging – that may have something to do with the fact that she can still rock a bikini.

Hurley, 50, posted several vacation photos to Instagram Sunday and Monday looking super fit in bathing suits of her own design.

The actress and model also shared a snap with her 13-year-old son, Damian Charles Hurley, and captioned it “With my baby.”

While fans may be in awe of her good looks, Hurley told PEOPLE in April that she’s not interested in obsessing over them – or her age.

“If you’ve got time to think about aging then you’re not busy enough,” she said. “Being busy and interested is the key to being attractive. Narcissistic bores who stare at themselves in the mirror for hours are the dullest people on earth.”

And Hurley is not just an inspiration for the over 50 set – she also has some wise words for the young.

“I wish I’d realized that all young people are gorgeous,” she said. “Those tiny faults we obsessed about were insignificant in the whole dazzling, youthful package.”

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That doesn’t mean Hurley is looking for a time machine. “I used to think the most appalling nonsense when I was young,” she told PEOPLE. “I’m relieved that I now have a slightly more mature frame of mind.”