Attention, proud owners of adorably ugly dogs: victory could be yours
Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty

Calling all ye underbited, all ye crooked-faced, all ye bulgy-eyed – your time to shine has come.

The 27th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, scheduled for June 26 in Petaluma, California, at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, is officially accepting entries.

“We celebrate the spirit and imperfections that make these dogs lovable and adoptable,” Sarah Cummings, CEO of the fair, said in a statement. The World’s Ugliest Dog will be decided based on “appearance, personality and audience interaction,” so let’s hope your goofy-faced pup knows how to work a crowd.

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This year, a new award has been added to the competition – the Spirit Award, which will honor “a dog and owner who’ve overcome obstacles and/or are providing service to the community based on the dog’s biography.”

The contest is also an opportunity to raise awareness for adoption. Many of the dogs who compete have been rescued from puppy mills or shelters, and have the opportunity to be adopted by the fans and viewers who fall for them.

Is your adorable dog weird-looking enough to take the grand prize (we mean that in the nicest possible way)? Download and fill out the entry form, which you must submit with a close-up photo (of your dog, geez), bio, health certificate showing proof of vaccinations and a $10 entry fee.

To find out what the judges are looking for, browse these precious pics of Peanut, 2014’s winner.