Endless hours of backbreaking work with no breaks and no pay. Who would do that?

Having a rough week at work? Hey, it could be worse.

You could have a job where you have to stand up almost all the time, constantly exert yourself and work 135 hours a week (or more!). You could be stuck with no vacation time and no time even to sleep, and the workload will actually go up on holidays.

Oh, and degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts are required. And as for the salary – how does $0 annually sound?

A Boston advertising agency recently posted a job listing online for just such a hell job. Millions of people saw the job ad. Only 24 masochists applied. Their job interviews, held via webcam, were secretly recorded and turned into the video above.

It’s great to see their reactions to the interviewer’s questions, and there’s a wonderful twist at the end that makes everything worth it.

Turns out the world’s toughest job can be one of the most rewarding, too.