Daisy Ridley Shares Her 5 Best Beauty Tips (Think Rosehip Oil and Heels!)

Daisy Ridley, one of PEOPLE's 2016 World's Most Beautiful stars, shares her go-to tricks to feel confident

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The world instantly fell for Daisy Ridley after her star-making turn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but her relatable posts on body image made her a true role model.

The plucky British-born star is among PEOPLE’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful, and shares beauty advice that is, predictably, both empowering and fun.

Her biggest tip? Unsurprisingly, the woman who deftly took down her body shamers says to focus on what you need to be comfortable.

“I would say to go with how you feel on the day and don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one ‘style,’ ” Ridley, 24, tells PEOPLE. “Wear whatever makes you feel good.”

Perhaps because of her intense training regime to play Rey, her second tip is about healing injuries: “Rosehip oil is great for scars.”

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And when it comes to makeup, she learned a key trick to make her eyes pop: “Curling your eyelashes before mascara makes an insane difference,” Ridley says.

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But other times she’ll cover her brown eyes with sunglasses, another one of her favorite tricks. (An added bonus? The look makes Ridley resemble Audrey Hepburn, her biggest beauty icon of all time.

Ridley’s final beauty tip may seem silly to her, but it’s one that many women can understand.

“Heels help me with confidence,” she says. “Weird, I know, and it might be personal, but there’s something about the instability of them that counters my nerves!”

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