World's First Penis Transplant Recipient Is Going to Be a Dad!

The 21-year-old patient's girlfriend is pregnant with his child

Photo: Courtesy Stellenbosch University

Well, it worked.

When doctors announced in March that they had performed the world’s first penis transplant, the obvious questions were raised: Would the patient be capable of sexual contact? Would he be able to have children?

As it turns out, the answer to both questions is yes.

According to CNN, the girlfriend of the 21-year-old South African patient is four months pregnant.

And, yes, the pregnancy happened naturally.

The patient’s first penis was amputated after severe complications from a botched circumcision when he was 18. The circumcision left him with just 1 centimeter of his original penis.

In December, doctors performed a nine-hour operation to replace the penis with a donor organ. The surgical team used some of the same techniques that are used in face transplants, connecting tiny blood vessels and nerves.

One of the surgeons who performed the transplant, Dr. Andre van der Merwe, says he was “pleased” to hear the news.

“This is what we intended, that he should be able to stand up and be able to urinate and have intercourse, so it is a milestone for him,” Van der Merwe told the BBC.

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