Brains and brawn: The viral sensation opens up about his newfound fame
Credit: Courtesy Pietro Boselli

No doubt, by now you’ve heard of academic-turned-model Pietro Boselli, dubbed the world’s hottest math teacher after a student outed his stylish – and often shirtless – alter ego as a top male model.

PEOPLE Now chatted with the hunky U.K.-based professor via Skype on Tuesday to ask him the important questions – like whether or not he’s single, and how he’s dealing with his newfound fame.

According to the self-proclaimed training addict, the attention has been nothing short of overwhelming.

“There have been Facebook posts and even some fan pages, but never to this scale, never to the viral scale,” Boselli says, adding that students often eventually found out about his modeling career during his five years at University College London.

And although he no longer lectures regularly since completing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering last June, Boselli has since appeared in a steamy Equinox ad, and he says he’s cautiously weighing his options.

“We’ll wait and see what’s next,” he offers.

Still, Boselli, who was discovered by Giorgio Armani, says it’s key to balance both brains and brawn.

“Both aspects are very important to my life,” he explains. “Fitness motivates me on the off days. I think both parts are complementary.”

As for whether he’s currently dating anybody?

“It’s better not to answer that right now,” he says with a grin.