The number-crunchers at Quartz analyzed Facebook data to find out

By Nate Jones
Updated July 03, 2014 11:25 AM
Credit: Drawlio Joca/Getty

When your country scores in the World Cup, do you say “Goooal!” or “Goooooooooal!”?

Turns out, it depends on where you live.

The number-crunchers at Quartz analyzed Facebook data to find out which country’s fans used the most extraneous letters while celebrating World Cup goals on the social network.

Most languages represented in the tournament have an O in their word for “goal” – “gol” in Spanish and Brazilian Portugese, “tor” in German, “golo” in European Portugese – and the process of extending the vowel sound in ecstasy seems to be a global phenomenon.

But how long to let it go for? Just a little extra boost, or enough letters to fill out a whole paragraph? The answers varied by country. As Quartz found, Mexican fans were most liberal with their celebrations, adding an exuberant 6.63 extra letters on average. Other Spanish-speaking nations weren’t far behind; Uruguay (5.77) was third, while Colombia (5.3) and Ecuador (5.27) placed fifth and sixth, respectively.

At the bottom of the rankings came England, Nigeria and Iran, whose fans preferred to celebrate by posting a single “Goal.” before presumably drinking a glass of lukewarm water and staring at a wall for 20 minutes.

See the full results below:

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