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For some of us, every single day at work is an exercise in anger management.

You must keep calm when a customer tries to tell you that a seven-year-old coupon for a product you no longer sell is still worth $2.99.

You must refrain from throwing your desk-mate’s seafood stir-fry out of the window after the ninth month of him not grasping the concept of closed-mouth chewing.

You must hold your tongue when your out-of-touch boss calls a meeting to announce his great new idea which, in practice, will be about as effective as a bomb shelter made out of Legos.

The employees below, whose legendary tales were shared by the storytellers of Reddit, finally reached their emotional breaking points in spectacular fashion – and the vicarious expressions of rage might just get you through the week.

1. “I was at a restaurant when a waitress and the manager got into it in the kitchen. She started screaming and cussing and you could hear it from the dining room. The manager said something about ‘as long as you are wearing that uniform you do things my way’ or something like that. The waitress screamed ‘That’s f—ing fine!!’ And tore off her uniform dress. She grabbed her purse, and walked out into the crowded dining room in her bra and panties and out the front door. She got in her car and drove off.”

2. “Freshman year of high school, Sales and Marketing teacher. Wrote my name on the board for acting up but spelled it wrong, so I said ‘Well when [wrong name] show’s up I’ll tell him he’s in trouble.’ He flipped out, started screaming at me and another kid that was being a smartass, threw his stool across the room where it broke on the opposite wall, tried to pick up this huge folding table Hulk-style but slammed it back on the ground when it was too heavy to lift, and then just glared at me for like three minutes straight.”

3. “I work in hospitality. Our old head of housekeeping was a small woman with a spitfire personality. She worked 7 days a week at least 50 hours total. She was burning herself out hardcore. She was very paranoid and always afraid someone was out to get her position.

Well, one morning she got into it with one of our best housekeepers. She grabbed the woman’s wrist and gave her a burn. Then she came to the front desk, yelling and screaming, and threw herself to the floor, like a toddler having a tantrum, kicking her arms and legs. This was in the middle of a busy check in window as well, and here she is rolling on the ground crying and yelling. I looked at her and said, ‘Get your ass to the office if you’re going to have a melt down.’ So she picked herself up, then threw herself down in the office and finished her tantrum there. She was fired that day.”

4. “While I was at college learning metalworking, our teacher got so angry at the complete lack of respect/attention by his students that he stormed out of the engineering lab, got in his car and drove off only to hit a lamppost at nearly 30 mph. He got out of his car, pushed it off the lampost, which fell over and nearly took him out. He drove off with steam coming out of the bonnet of his new Porsche. Meanwhile, he had left an aluminum crucible on full heat which literally went into meltdown. Molten metal started bubbling and bursting out of the crucible like a volcano. Where the molten metal touched anything flammable, it started a fire. He was remarkably not fired, and all of his students made rapid life adjustments and never disrespected him again.”

5. “My wife and I we’re walking in downtown Chicago and we saw two furniture movers get into a tiff. We slowed our pace to witness the bit of drama that escalated into one of the guys using a floor lamp like a baseball bat while the other’s weapon of choice was a f—ing bird bath.”

6. “When I was a teenager, I worked at a job where the general manager’s husband was sleeping with the assistant manager. The assistant manager flaunted it too. She would go around saying things like ‘No wonder your husband cheats. I would cheat if I were married to you!’

One day, the general manager finally snaps and they get into a full on cat fight right in front of the entire store. We had to call the police to break them up.”

7. “I was working at a fast door restaurant. A girl had to work for 24 hours straight because everyone who was supposed to take her shift ditched work without calling in. She started her shift with me, and when I walked in THE NEXT DAY she was still there working. She was curled up in a ball crying in the backstore. I told her if she wouldnt leave I’d call the cops (was just to scare her into leaving) and she was so tired she didn’t question me, she just left… Poor girl looked like a zombie. I’ll always remember it. Too kind to leave.”

8. “At my old store, we had a high schooler employed as a cashier because her dad worked as the deli assistant manager. Everything was fine, she was a little bratty and wouldn’t listen to me or any of the other service leads, but she did her job alright. Her dad got caught selling ecstasy and weed in the parking lot and was arrested and she was promptly put under investigation too. Eventually they found out that she had been stealing from her register and she was arrested during one of my shifts.

I watched as they told her why she was being arrested, that charges were being pressed, and that she was officially fired. This 16-year-old tries to resist arrest, falls to the ground and begins to beat on the floor while tearing at her uniform. They manage to get her hands behind her back after she’d gotten her shirt off. Once she’s in cuffs she begins to shout that she’s going to sue everyone because they’re looking at her body and she’s underage and don’t they know who she is and she knows people who will f— us all up. They put her in the back of the cop car and she thrashed around trying to escape, banging on the divider and trying to get her hands on the cops”

9. “Someone parked in my boss’s parking spot one day. She came into the office and screamed at everyone about parking in her spot, pulled everyone individually into her office to question them about it, found out it wasn’t any of us and then pulled everyone back individually to ask us how this happened. Then, she called security and asked them to tow the car, to which they said they could only leave a note, so she called the property manager to complain. They discovered that she hadn’t paid for the spot and sent her a bill for the months of use, she locked herself in her office and cried for two hours about people disrespecting her and not understanding her needs and then went home for the day. All of this because she had to park four spots down instead.”

10. “I worked in a building with a cafeteria in it, we noticed that one of the everyday cashiers had stopped showing up to work and found out that she had passed away. My coworker asked who we were talking about and upon finding out, stood up from her desk, flung herself to the ground, and proceeded to roll back and forth crying as loudly as she could. We all freaked out, we had customers on the phone we had to put on hold until we could get her to her feet and someone could escort her somewhere else so she could calm down. She took the next few days off, including the day of the funeral. Assuming she had gone to the funeral, we asked her how it was, she answered with, ‘Huh? I didn’t go, I barely knew her ‘”

11. “I was at a grocery store when I overheard some guy getting torn down by his manager. He was in the process of cleaning up broken jar of jam or something and his manager was just totally ripping into him: ‘Do you know how long this mess has been here? Why does it seem like I’m always leading you around like a dog just to get you to work? Do you know how many people would kill to have your job?’

The worker was a skinny dude maybe 17 or 18, and was sort of just gritting his teeth and keeping it cool despite the barrage of insults. After he gets things cleaned up, he pushes the mop bucket away down the aisle and the manager walks off. I go into the aisle to get some peanut butter and just see him stop in his tracks, and take a deep, shuddering breath. His hands clench and unclench, and he walks on. I continue shopping and he disappears.

About 10 minutes later, as I’m checking out, I once again see this manager publicly tear into the same guy for not being up front and bagging for customers. He’s doing the best he can bagging while under this duress, but eventually lets ‘I’m doing the best I can, man’ out under his breath.

This seems to incense the manager who goes on about how his best isn’t good enough, and how he’s not representing the store’s brand. Kid finally just stops working and stares at the manager for a moment before, with arms shuddering with rage, grabbing at his shirt. With a rage-filled yell that silences the checkout area he rips the shirt off his chest like the Hulk, throws it into his manager’s face, then calmly walks out of the store. Everyone’s just shocked, and the manager walks away speechless with the remains of the shirt.”

12. “Suit guy. We worked in a business casual office, most of us just wore button up shirts, decent pants and dress shoes every day. However, Suit Guy showed up as a new hire and wore the same exact tan suit every day for the three months he was there, which is what earned him the nickname. He also drank a large coffee, a Monster energy drink and a can of Mountain Dew in that order between when he walked in at eight and when he had lunch at noon. Apparently he was going through a divorce that was getting pretty contentious and the combination of caffeine and rage put him over his boiling point one morning. He began screaming at his phone while at his desk and then broke his cell phone in half. This was 2012, so it was a full screened smartphone that he somehow bent until it broke. I don’t know how he did it, my friends and I tried to replicate it using one of my old phones a couple days later and we could cause some bending, but no break. He came in the next day with a new phone and acted like he hadn’t made a scene the day before.”

13. “Worked in a video store when there was such a thing. My co-worker showed up very, very high. He came in for a 4 hour shift, stood in the middle of our bank of checkout registers and just ate chips. Like, 6 bags of chips back to back, and he ate them SLOW, and savored the crap out of each bite. The whole time he had zero facial expression, think of the dull stare of a chewing dairy cow. After about 3 hours he calmly turns to me and says ‘I can’t do this anymore’ gently sets down his bag of chips, and walks out the door. We never saw him in the store again.”

14. “I was at Publix getting a sub when I hear this:
Manager: ‘What the hell are you doing?! You know I have to fire you for doing this again.’
Worker: ‘What is the problem? I didn’t do anything wrong.’
Manager: ‘You are allowed to get something to eat on your break, not eat while you’re packing food.’ Worker: ‘So I had a couple chicken wings, it’s not that big of a deal.’
Nothing else was said and the manager escorted the wing eater out. The guy was making baskets of wings and was basically going ‘one for the basket, one for me’ and eating his way through the batch of wings. Best part was the two people making subs just start laughing and one goes ‘If the manager knew how much that guy has eaten in the two weeks he has worked here, he would s— a brick. The other day he just sat there eating a whole container of potato salad while he was working the fryer.'”

15. “I saw two stone masons get in a fist fight when I worked construction. I was laying electrical underground pipe, and they were laying block wall. One threw a hammer at the other one and hit him in the head. Cracked his eye socket. Cops came and took our statements and the guy got arrested for assault.”

16. “Worked with a sales rep who was about to get fired for faking his expense reports. He knew it was going to happen so he took his company car and left it in the worst part of town with the keys in it, hoping it would get stolen. Pure spite on his part.

Unfortunately, he didn’t plan for how he was going to get out of this part of town so he got mugged and the crap kicked out of him. Ambulance came and took him to the ER.

He tried to go out on work comp due to his ‘injuries’ and stayed away from the office, because he knew he was going to get fired. I had to visit him at his home and explain that he was going to be fired and that he could keep the law out of this if he paid the money back. It was $2500. He said he was on pain pills due to his injuries and couldn’t understand what I was saying. He stays at home for 2 weeks, recovering from his ‘injuries.’

After the doctor releases him, he comes back to work. The day he comes back, the legal team and the police are waiting for him. He gets formally fired and the police arrest him. I should add that the whole thing was being recorded by the legal team on video. After they put the cuffs on him, he immediately drops to the ground screaming that he is ‘injured’ and ‘in severe pain’ and ‘doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.’ The police grab him and throw him in the back of the police car while he is screaming like a baby the whole time. What he didn’t know is that there was a video camera in the police car. Once the police put him in the back of the car and then went back inside leaving him alone in the car, he stopped crying and started laughing.”

17. “Glass after glass after glass thrown on the ground behind a bar by an angry server, who then proceeded to take off apron, toss it down, and when she tried to stomp on the apron SLIPPED and went ass first onto all that broken glass.”

18. “Didn’t witness this, but my current coworker at a dog grooming salon did. One of her old coworkers had a history of outbursts. One day something provoked him and he flipped a grooming table over, grabbed his clippers, and proceeded to shave his own head.”

19. “I was in 5th grade, and we had this Social Studies teacher named Dr. King. He was high strung and he loved his map of the world. Dr. King would not let anyone but him pull it down.

One of my friends named Oren was a bit of a bad seed. One day, Dr. King was about to use his precious prized map of the world for his lesson. We were all being terrible on this day, all the while Dr. King is trying desperately to maintain composure. Oren, gassed up on the attention of his friends, volunteers to help Dr. King pull the map down. Oren runs up to the map string and clutches it. He then pulls it down with the force of a f—in’ tank, and the map tears in half.

Dr. King goes completely white with anger. He starts babbling and repeating one phrase over and over. ‘Why would you do this? Why would you do this? Why would you do this? Why would you do this?’ He can’t even reprimand Oren properly, he’s just stuck in a loop at this point. The next day Dr. King did not show up for class, and that continued through the rest of the entire semester. Oren broke Dr. King.”

20. “I saw a waiter getting overwhelmed due to having a whole patio section on a very nice day. There was a very demanding and rude table taking up all his time while another table was shouting his name even though he was clearly at another table. He finally snapped, took his circle trey, and threw it as hard as he could like a frisbee into the street. Like he straight up Captain America’d that thing. He stormed away as he loosened his tie and un tucked his shirt while yelling ‘I QUIT!'”

21. “I was training a girl on how to properly build a sandwich, which items go where, and why, and other kitchen tips. She lost…her s— Started yelling frantically about ‘That’s not how she was taught by her mom’ and ‘What the f— do you know’ then started crying. After a couple minutes she called her mom, screaming at her that she was a horrible person for teaching her how to make sandwiches in such a way that would make her an embarrassment in the culinary world. I sent her home.”

Stories have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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