Woody's Oasis

At the second annual benefit dinner for the non-profit Oasis Preserve International (www.OasisPI.org), organic foods and drinks were served and the host wore hemp. Of course, the host was actor/activist Woody Harrelson, who started the group to builds up nature reserves and pitches in to help indigenous people living in rainforest areas to generate new means to preserve their way of life and save trees and species. To the benefit, held on the 83 acres of Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Coral Gables, FL, Harrelson sported a dapper black hemp suit and black shirt, and was accompanied by his longtime companion, Laura Louie, chairman of the Oasis board (also in hemp fashion). Others present for the event included comedian John Lovitz, actor Jeremy Piven, singer Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish, and some members of the Marley family. Lovitz, who served as the evenings co-host, took his chance to roast his friend Harrelson. “He has a suit made of hemp,” he said. “Most people cut stray threads off their suits and throw them away. Woody eats them.”

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