Woodruff Being Brought Out of Sedation

The newsman's progress is slow, while his injured cameraman goes home

ABC World News Tonight cameraman Doug Vogt, who was injured with anchor Bob Woodruff in an Iraqi roadside bombing on Jan. 29, has checked out of Bethesda Medical Center in Maryland – where Woodruff is still being mildly sedated, the network says.

Vogt and his wife, Vivian, were on their way home to France, where he is to have further treatment, ABC News president David Westin said Thursday in a staff e-mail, in which he described the couple as being “in good spirits and looking forward to getting back to their children.”

The more seriously injured Woodruff is being slowly brought out of sedation in the Maryland hospital, said Westin, adding that the newsman “has been out of bed in a chair, and his physical strength continues to impress his entire team.

Saying that when his family visits Woodruff “reacts to their voices, returns their smiles and is initiating kisses,” according to Woodruff’s wife Lee, Westin wrote: “The doctors have said that in the next few weeks it is reasonable to expect that he will be able to move to facilities in the New York area … bringing him closer to his family, his home and the support structure here.”

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