Wonder Woman Turns 75! See Her Fierce New Look – and Find Out What's in Store

A new comic book, a buzzy movie, a snazzy Barbie: Wonder Woman is celebrating her big milestone in high style

Photo: Courtesy DC Comics

Quite the wonder, this woman.

Bullet-deflecting, lasso-flinging superheroine Wonder Woman turns 75 this year and, really now, she hasn’t aged a day. The iconic Amazon warrior is as vibrant and vital as ever, fueling the zeitgeist with a scene-stealing turn in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as she ramps up for her very own solo movie in 2017.

To celebrate her historic milestone, DC Entertainment is winding up a supersize superhero blowout, with a bustling slate of new releases, merchandising rollouts and tie-ins for fans new and die-hard alike.

“There’s no better time than now,” DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson tells PEOPLE of the resurgence of Wonder Woman, who was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1941 and was most famously played by Lynda Carter in the hit 1970s TV series. “The overall conversation that’s happening in our culture right now – about having stronger gender equality representation in media and in government and in education and all of it just makes it the perfect time to see a character like Wonder Woman out there.”

And DC has quite the birthday bash planned: The company is releasing a new Wonder Woman comic series this month as part of its title-wide “Rebirth” launch, featuring a fierce new Wonder Woman look that echoes Gal Gadot‘s warrior-themed costume that debuted in Batman v Superman.

“You hear the people who are so passionate about how this character needs to look,” says DC Entertainment co-publisher and celebrated comic-book artist Jim Lee, who himself has drawn Wonder Woman in the past.

To mark Princess Diana’s new duds, DC and Mattel will be releasing a special-edition Barbie – complete with gold-lamé-festooned cape – exclusively at Comic-Con in San Diego this July, where fans can check out costumes from the upcoming Wonder Woman film and attend a 75th anniversary panel talk. (A special Wonder Woman figure – including her famous invisible jet – will also be available at Mattycollector.com beginning Friday.)

But that’s not all that Wonder Woman has on her dance card.

Aside from a slew of commemorative books and box sets, DC has partnered up with several clothing and accessories brands for a line of Wonder Woman-inspired goodies.

High-glam, you say? There’s Valentino‘s special Wonder Woman capsule collection featuring star-spangled coats, jeans and handbags. (Hey, even a sturdy Amazon princess needs to pair that eagle-plated bustier with something when it gets chilly.)

Low-key instead? There’s a limited-edition leather Wonder Woman leather sneaker from Converse, in case the heroine’s thigh-high red boots prove a bit tricky to slip on quickly for your morning commute.

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And then there’s the upcoming Wonder Woman film, which is currently filming in Europe and, aside from Gadot, costars Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

“It will have its own tone and look – it’s beautiful,” Nelson says. “There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana’s journey in discovering the complexity of man.”

One thing it won’t have? “There is no invisible jet,” Nelson spills. “Not in this iteration.”

In all, it’s a busy slate for comic-dom’s hardest-working superheroine as she ropes in her next 75 years, golden lasso in tow.

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