November 13, 2003 11:49 AM

TV viewers won’t find out until next week whether “Bachelor” Bob Guiney intends to put a ring on the finger of Estella or Kelly Jo, but this week’s edition of ABC’s “The Bachelor” recapped what’s gone down — and who’s gone out the door — in the previous seven episodes.

Meanwhile, TV’s “Extra” jumped the “Bachelor” bandwagon by finding out what really went on during some of those dates as Bob winnowed down his list of contenders.

“We played naked twister,” admitted Bachelorette Jen.

Last week’s castoff, Mary, told the TV show that after Bob escorted her to the limo that would drive her away (which was filmed some weeks ago, though every participant has signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the contest’s outcome): “The initial month I cried a lot. I’ve done a lot of healing and moving on.”

Mary also said she was truly in love with Bob, and the experience left her brokenhearted.

Lee-Ann, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier that her brush with Bob has blown over. “It wasn’t fun for me anymore,” she told “Extra.”

“I was really surprised by some of the things people said,” admitted Lee-Ann. “They were so nice to my face.”

Coming next week on “The Bachelor”: Bob is due to take the two final contestants, Kelly Jo and Estella, home to Michigan to meet his family. Then, after a final date with each woman, it will be decision time.

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