Lopevi and Yasur merge into the Alinta tribe, and vote to get rid of Iowan Rory Freeman

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 05, 2004 07:00 AM

Lopevi and Yasur are now one tribe, Alinta – and its first casualty came on Thursday’s episode of CBS’s Survivor: Vanuatu, as Rory Freeman was booted after his head appeared to be on the chopping block for some time.

Freeman, a 35-year-old housing case manager from Des Moines, was the victim of the remaining women team mates banding together to vote him out, in what was ultimately a six-women-to-four men decision. Rory is now the ninth player to get the gate.

Once the vote was announced at Tribal Council, Rory said dramatically: “I am the victim of a gender war right now. I may not be a million dollars richer, but I will never forget the Islands of Fire.”

While the sexually separate tribes still existed, Survivor host Jeff Probst explained the Reward Challenge to be a relay race, in which the goal was to fill a jar with water utilizing sort of a human conveyor belt. One tribe member was to sprint to the ocean, fill a bucket with water and then toss it to a tribemate.

The bucket then had to be thrown twice more from player to player, until the sloshing water itself was to be tossed to the last tribe member, whose task was to catch the flying H2O in a new bucket and use it to fill the jar. Lopevi’s Chris Daugherty, determined a means to catch the water by getting very low to the ground.

Wait, there was more. Enough water had to be gathered to lower its bucket to the ground so a lighted flame would go up to the fire tower – to ignite a wok. The reward: cookies, milk and chocolate cake. Lopevi won the challenge, only to grow nauseous from eating too much cake.