Lake Bozman died after a battle with a rare form of leukemia
Credit: Brandy Angel Photography

Anna Bozman married Travis Thompson last month in Georgia. While two of the pair’s children, Trindon, 5, and Cambree, 2, were able to see their parents get married, 8-year-old Lake wasn’t there to celebrate with his family: He passed away in May from a rare form of leukemia.

But Bozman said she “felt [Lake] all day,” during her wedding, and she wanted people to know that he had been there in spirit. “I wanted people to see that he is an angel,” she told Inside Edition.

It was a wish she relayed to Brandy Angel, who photographed Bozman and Thompson’s wedding. So Angel and a co-worker of Bozman’s worked to incorporate a faded image of Lake into a shot of the rest of the family.

“Although I felt [Lake]’s presence that day and I was actually happy, it was almost unbearable to take family pictures without him,” Bozman wrote in a Facebook post. “I could feel my emotions taking over after the ceremony when it was time to take pictures.”

“I needed this picture more than [Angel] or anyone could ever know,” she continued. “THIS is my family. And we will be together again.”

“I’m sure some people look at it in a different way,” Bozman told Inside Edition of the photo. “To me, it’s comforting.”

“I felt his presence there. So for me, it was the right thing to do.”