October 12, 2015 10:45 AM

WestJet airlines didn’t lose Nicole Squires’s luggage during a recent trip – it’s what they mysteriously added that has her baffled and angry.

Squires was flying from Edmonton, Canada to Kelowna, British Columbia. When she arrived in her hotel room and opened her suitcase to unpack, she discovered that, fortunately, everything was intact – but she’d been gifted with some new items, too. Specifically, some dirty clothes and warm beer.

I opened [my suitcase] and a beer fell out, so my initial reaction was I grabbed someone else s luggage, Squires, who lives in Edmonton, told CTV Vacncouver. But then I continued to go through and saw a man s outfit, jeans, one shoe, slippers, and five Coors Light!

Squires, electing to look her gift Coors in the mouth, tweeted at WestJet, who responded in a thoroughly unprofessional manner, simply telling her, “What happens in Vegas ”

I didn t know whether to laugh or be angry about their response. It was pretty inappropriate for sure, says Squires. I was pretty shocked. The company later responded with a legitimate tweet and a phone number – Squires eventually got on the line with a “sincere and apologetic” customer service rep,.

The company’s investigation turned up an odd story: The baggage staff noticed that a bag was open and right next to the bag was some clothing and some cans of beer, WestJet spokesperson Robert Palmer told CTV Vancouver. The bag staff decided to put the items in the bag next to it that was open.

Squires isn’t buying it. I don t see how that could happen. I put the bag on the carousel myself, and it wasn t open, so I don t know what happened there, she said.

Incidentally, she declined to drink the beer or keep the clothing, instead leaving them at the front desk of her hotel, where WestJet claimed the stuff.

So if you’re a Canadian man missing your Friday night kit, call WestJet. Just don’t tweet at them. They’re sassy.

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