Ada Guan allegedly took a pregnancy test several weeks before boarding the Air Canada flight

By Kelli Bender
May 12, 2015 03:00 PM

Air Canada Flight 009 from Calgary, Canada, to Tokyo, Japan, landed with one extra passenger.

According to Mashable, Ada Guan, who didn’t know she was pregnant when she boarded, gave birth to a baby girl on the Sunday flight.

During the trip, Guan told her boyfriend, Wesley Branch, that her stomach hurt and she was feeling unwell, and then something strange happened.

“She told me, ‘Something fell out of me,’ ” Wesley told Global News. “I lifted up her pants, and I saw a head and then I heard, ‘Wah!’ ”

Three doctors on board the plane rushed to help Guan deliver the baby, which Guan and Branch named Chloe. Thanks to their help and assistance from the crew, the family landed safely at their destination.

Guan says she had no idea she was 37 weeks pregnant when she got on the plane. The new mom had been experiencing stomach pains prior to the flight but thought it was gas. She also took a pregnancy test that came out negative a few weeks before the flight, reports Global News, so Chloe’s arrival was quite the shock for the new couple.