Chicago Woman Uses Tinder to Get Free Pizza Delivered to Her

"I had a pretty good feeling if I went on Tinder for some pizza, I would be able to get some pizza," she said

Photo: Dean Belcher/Getty

Tinder has had an interesting life cycle, going from hook-up app to marketing tool to source of labor and now, food delivery system.

And the Chicago woman responsible for its most recent iteration, who’s going simply by “Kate,” has finally spoken out about her contribution to the Story of Tinder.

“I was with some friends that night and we were all talking about ordering some pizza. I had a pretty good feeling if I went on Tinder for some pizza, I would be able to get some pizza,” Kate told the Sun-Times. “I had done it in the past once and it worked. I was just hungry.”

Kate says she simply swiped right on every profile, and cut straight to the chase with every guy who responded, immediately asking about pizza. She refused to talk about anything other than pizza, and added that she’d be more likely to meet up with them in real life if they made good on the pizza promise.

At one point, she switched up to sushi, asking for crunchy spicy tuna and ebi tempura.

Kate adds that she had no intention of starting a trend: “The funniest part to me is that articles were saying it was a trend, but it really was just me and my girlfriend so I kind of felt like I trolled the Internet,” she said. “I don’t feel like a celebrity, but I do enjoy reading the funny articles about it.”

Kate has the following words of wisdom regarding her stint as the Free Food Queen of Tinder:

“Just be straight up with the guys and tell them you want a pizza There will be someone who would love to buy you a pizza.”

And for guys, she adds, “Don’t send d— pics. Send pizzas.”

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