Natalie Walker is using the site for her own archival purposes – but administrators aren't thrilled
Credit: Courtesy Natalie Walker

Who doesn’t walk away from a date wishing they had a more tangible way to assess the experience?

Well, one woman has found a way to do just that.

Natalie Walker, a New York City-based actress, has started taking stock of her meet-ups by writing Yelp reviews of where they took place. “I am leaving Yelp reviews for every place I have ever gone on a date but just reviewing the date,” she sums up the project on Twitter.

So far, Walker has left reviews for movie theaters, hotels, restaurants and even musicals where she’s tried to make a love connection.

“Went on a date here in 2007 by which I mean I snuck a boy into my room while I stayed here with my family on my weekend away from theater camp,” she wrote about the W Hotel in Times Square.

“We watched Reno 911 on the hotel TV, did moderate-to-heavy kissing, and discussed the production of Sweeney Todd: School Edition we were about to start rehearsing. He is gay now and posts a lot of statuses about listening to Jessie J at the gym. I assume this night was a big part of his journey and an important memory to him. 5 stars.”

Unfortunately for the Internet at large, Yelp has not taken kindly to Walker’s method of reviewing establishments. She received an email from the company’s support staff informing her that the reviews had been removed, and now only exist in the form of precious screenshots.

“While we appreciate the creative spirit in reviewing your dates on Yelp, such reviews don’t jive with our Content Guidelines, so we’ve removed them,” Yelp crony Pam wrote in an email.

“Reviews should be about your personal consumer experiences with local businesses – they aren’t a place to rant or rave about your exes,” Pam added.

But the innovative single lady isn’t going to give up that easily. Since her battle with Yelp began, Walker has attempted to disguise her identity using drawn-on mustaches, hats and eye patches in her photos.

Somehow, the company has seen past the illusions.

We hope Walker stays strong in her quest to get Yelp to accept her new standards, and keeps gifting us with gems like this review of a Virginia cineplex.