Ultimate Meet-Cute: How Alexis Grant Found Her Husband on Twitter

With a single tweet, a D.C. writer met the man that she'd go on to marry

Photo: Courtesy Marc Cevasco/Twitter

It sounds like one-in-a-million odds: You post a Tweet asking the world to introduce you to your dream guy, and then he just happens to respond. You meet. You fall in love. And then three years later, you’re hitched.

But that’s exactly how it went down for Washington, D.C., writer and media strategist Alexis Grant, who posted the Tweet below back in 2011.

The result? This Tweet, posted on Sept. 9, 2014, Twitter lovebirds and all. (They got married on Sept. 5.)

While Grant fully admits that serendipity played a big role in her husband-to-be seeing her post – he wasn’t an avid Twitter user at the time she was asking the universe for a husband – she’s careful to point out that her social media love story didn’t happen as a result of luck alone.

“The reason it worked for me is I’d built up a network of people who shared my interests: travel, writing, adventure, entrepreneurship and more,” Grant explained on her blog. “This is why building your own Twitter network is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

“If you re really lucky, you might even find someone to love,” she writes.

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