A woman gives birth to a 10-lb. baby boy in a moving car

By Maria Coder
July 20, 2015 10:55 AM

A Texas couple gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Baby on Board” this weekend.

In a mad dash to the birthing center, a pregnant mother realized she was out of time and delivered her newborn baby in the couple’s moving minivan – while her husband drove (and took video)!

Lesia Pettijohn and her husband Jonathan were on their way to Pasadena from Houston, according to KHOU. The couple got stuck in traffic for more than an hour when Lesia went into the final stages of labor.

“Oh, the water broke! The water broke!” Lesia said as her husband continued to drive, hoping to make it to the birthing center as quickly as possible.

“The only reason I would pull over is if there is something wrong that needed to be dealt with immediately,” Jonathan told the Houston TV station.

The four-minute video shows Jonathan guiding Lesia as she gives birth to a 10-lb. baby.

“We just had a baby in the car! We did it!” said Lesia. “He’s a boy! Babe, he’s a boy!”

Baby Josiah and mom are doing fine.