Marleni Olivo said she did not have a piece of paper available to her at the time

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 26, 2015 05:35 PM
Marco Bello/Reuters/Landov

This is not how things work in America.

Venezuelan President Nicolaés Maduro has promised to provide an apartment for a woman who hit him in the head with a mango at a rally Wednesday.

The president, 52, was driving a bus through an assembled crowd (Maduro is a former bus driver) when Marleni Olivo, 54, tossed the mango – on which she’d written her name, phone number and the message, “If you can, call me” – at Maduro as he passed her. It hit him in the head.

“I didn’t have paper available at that moment,” Olivo told El Pitazo TV (via CNN). “What I had was a mango that I was about to eat because I was hungry.”

It was effective. During a TV appearance later that day, Maduro spoke directly to her, saying, “Marleni, I have approved it already, as part of the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, you will get an apartment and it will be given to you in the next few hours.”

Venezuelan media termed the incident a “manguicidio,” a portmanteau of the fruit and a Spanish word for political assassination, “magnicidio.”

Maduro has been known to give away homes, appliances and pensions to low-income Venezuelans while in office.

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