Irish Woman Who Searches for Global Dopplegängers Finds Second 'Twin Stranger'

Niamh Geaney found her second look-alike in Italy


Niamh Geaney is on a search for her look-alikes from around the world – and she just found her second “twin!”

Dublin-based TV presenter Geaney, 27, started the "Twin Strangers" project based on the premise that she has seven dopplegängers around the world. She has already found one of her twins, and just found another one – in Italy!

Geaney has been surprised by the success of her project thus far.

“Finding one person is crazy, but finding two?” she tells PEOPLE. “Starting out I thought I was unique, but I’m not. I thought I was the only one with the big eyes, but to find and see it in so many people now is quite strange. You tend to reassess your uniqueness.”

Geaney chronicled her journey to meet her second look-alike, Luisa, on YouTube. The video begins with her first meeting Luisa’s friends and family.

“I wanted to get a sense of who she was outside of aesthetics before meeting her,” says Geaney. “When you meet someone, you’re so taken by what they look like. So if you meet the family and friends before, you can get a sense of the person.”

One friend remarked that they had very similar auras, and Luisa’s mother commented, “From a distance, I thought you were Luisa.” Both encounters led to lots of tears!

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When it was time for the two to meet face-to-similar-face, Geaney experienced a range of emotions – “a mixture of nervousness and excitement.” Once they met, though, she was more at ease.

“It was absolutely incredible to meet her for the first time,” she says. “I had seen her photos, so I kind of built up an image in my head. When I met her, it was awe, relief, amazement.”

Geaney and Luisa immediately noticed uncanny similarities, from lines on their faces to their expressions and gestures. The two became even more twin-like after styling their hair and makeup the same.

“What I found more so than her aesthetics was her movements, like her facial gestures and her body gestures and movement, were so similar to mine, it was crazy,” says Geaney. “And she’s just really cool. We really got on, we really clicked.”

Both girls felt their similarities were more than external.

“Maybe we have similar souls, not only similar face[s],” remarked Luisa in the video.

“As a person, we emit the same energy,” says Geaney, who is encouraging people to find their own dopplegängers using Twin Strangers’ online twin-matching system. “We’re both happy, outgoing people. I got that sense from her, and I think she felt likewise.”

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