"Its [sic] getting way worse I defo have to move house," Ashy Murphy wrote

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 24, 2015 01:55 PM

October’s rolling around, so it’s time to brace yourself for the annual deluge of viral ghost videos. This latest one comes to us from Ireland, but we have to say it’s a pretty good one.

Facebook user Ashy Murphy uploaded these clips to her page showing the standard paranormal activity of cupboards banging unbidden, lights blinking, and so forth.

“Its [sic] getting way worse I defo have to move house,” she wrote in her post, adding two crying emojis. “Ye think he have problems I’m down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf,” another video was annotated.

With only a week left in September, we’re thrilled to announce the start of viral ghost video season. Murphy’s videos, viewed by millions of people so far on Facebook, are a great start, but frankly, we think we can do better.

C’mon, America: You’ve no shortage of ghosts. Let’s make this country great again – with ghosts.