Woman Confronts Colin Farrell on 'Tonight Show'

The Miami Vice actor escorted the woman, who he deemed his "first stalker," off the stage

Colin Farrell joked that he had met his “first stalker” after a woman from the audience approached him on stage Thursday during a taping of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

“She said something to Colin Farrell that no one heard, then he took her by the elbow, led her off stage, asked the cameramen to turn off their cameras and asked for security,” 16-year-old audience member Molly Mattaini told the Associated Press.

Mattaini said the Miami Vice star returned to the stage, apologized and said, “My first stalker,” to which Jay Leno replied, “Welcome to celebrity.” Farrell appeared “very calm, very collected” for the rest of the taping, said Mattaini, who was visiting Los Angeles from Minnesota.

According to Reuters, entertainment gossip TV show Access Hollywood identified the woman as Dessarae Bradford and said she had unsuccessfully alleged in a small-claims lawsuit that Farrell had stalked her. Quoting an audience member, Access Hollywood said the woman shouted at Farrell, “I’ll see you in court,” to which Farrell replied, “You’re insane.”

The woman was detained by Burbank police but, at NBC’s request, not arrested. Tonight Show spokeswoman Tracy St. Pierre said the incident will not be broadcast.

Later in the evening, the actor attended the world premiere of Miami Vice with co-star Jamie Foxx, where Farrell declared himself healthy and happy.

“All good,” Farrell told PEOPLE, referring to how he’s doing. “Good, man. Great. Wonderful!” Farrell, joined by his mother, signed fans’ autographs and posed for pictures with Foxx and director Michael Mann.

“I think he’s doing terrific,” Vice producer Pieter Jan Bruge told PEOPLE of Farrell. “I mean, look at him. He looks sensational.”

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